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Appraisal Wizard and Wizard Lite

Appraisal Wizard (AW) is a comprehensive solution to preparing for and performing appraisals, assessments, and audits. Its functionality helps businesses organize and manage compliance management and governance activities using any internal or external model, method or standard. Discover how Appraisal Wizard can help you achieve your compliance objectives.

AW facilitates improved audit readiness, more effective planning, and efficient preparation, on-site, and post-appraisal activities.

Could your team use something more portable?

Appraisal Wizard Lite can provide an appraisal team with an easy-to-use, stand-alone mechanism for collecting and consolidating data during an appraisal. Explore how Wizard Lite can facilitate data collection when Appraisal Wizard’s full server functionality is not available.

With Appraisal Wizard you can: