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About our Tools

“Appraisal Wizard has greatly facilitated our preparation, review and production of appraisal findings.”

– S.W.S.

“Appraisal Wizard is really easy to use! Plus they’ve continued to improve it and have been responsive to changes we’ve suggested in making it even more user-friendly.”

– M.W.

“Appraisal Wizard has greatly increased my productivity while auditing and performing gap analysis process. I recommend the tool to clients.”

– J.A.

“Using the Appraisal Wizard tool has taken a time-consuming and laborious process and turned it into a quick, productive activity. Having spent 25 years in the software environment, it is enjoyable to use a tool that provides near-immediate productivity, a broad range of functionality and is so elegant in its operation.”

– Dennis Grider (a top 100 government consulting organization)

“In our CBA IPI and SCAMPI assessments at [our company], we rely on the full support of Appraisal Wizard in having full database functionality, filtering the data for different views, generating reports, controlling questions, documents and sessions, tracking progress and easily mapping the data to the CMM and CMMI models which are fully integrated into the tool.”

– Joergen Umbach