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High Tech

“I loved that the examples were geared toward our company issues/concerns. The exercises built on each other, which I feel assisted in cementing the understanding of how to implement the model to your own company. The instructors were amazing.”

– Dina Greiner, Symetrics Industries

“The instructor was knowledge of not only the course material but the CMMI model, concepts, and application.”

– Rob Vandusen, ITT Corporation

“Instructor was greatest strength. Delivery and knowledge made the course interesting.”

– Cole Craig, Orbital Sciences Corporation

“Teacher was extremely knowledgeable.”

– Joan Rietzel, Symetrics Industries

“ISD does a great job of ensuring consistent interpretation and guidance of the CMMI model across all of their consultants. We had concerns of one consultant telling us one thing and another having a different interpretation, but they do a good job of training and maintaining consistency across their team.”

– Jeff Gorball, Kingland Systems Corporation