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External Team Members

ISD maintains a minimum core staff to minimize customer costs, and then draws from a pool of qualified professional resources to implement practical solutions. This approach allows us to coordinate cost-effective process improvement solutions at lower costs to our clients. Our current list of external ISD team members:

E. Patrick Hanavan, Jr.

Dr. E. Patrick Hanavan, Jr. has over 46 years experience in software development, management, and acquisition. He is the founder and principal of PATH Computer Systems, Inc. performing computer systems support and consulting since 1980. He is a member of the ISD technical staff as an independent consultant and has been working with ISD and the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) since 1990. He was a principal developer of the Software Capability Evaluation (SCE) V2.0 Team Training course, led the SCE Training development team, and has instructed well over 500 individuals in the CAM methodology. Dr. Hanavan has specific expertise in the SCAMPI and CAM methods, software project management, configuration management, software quality assurance and testing. The Project Management Institute (PMI) as a Project Management Professional certifies him. Pat has performed over 100 appraisals (utilizing SCAMPISM, CAM, and CBA IPI) through Level 5. Dr. Hanavan is an authorized SCAMPISM Lead Appraiser under the SEI’s Lead Appraiser Program. He was one of the first authorized as an instructor for the Introduction to CMMI® course, and as a team leader of the Software Process Assessment (SPA) method.

Cecil E. Martin

Mr. Martin has over 40 years experience in systems and software engineering. He was a member of the team that developed and taught SEI’s Software Capability Evaluation Method and has led and participated in over 60 model based assessments, appraisals and Software Capability Evaluations. He currently is an SEI authorized CMMI® instructor and SCAMPISM appraiser.

Winifred Menezes

Ms. Menezes has over 30 years experience in developing and maintaining software products as well as in managing research projects. She was a member of the CMMI product development team and is an authorized instructor of the “Introduction to CMM” and “Introduction to CMMI training courses. Experience in process improvement based on models like the CMM for software, FAA’s iCMM and the CMMI. Published several articles and presentations at many conferences both in the USA and Europe. SEI-Certified SCAMPI A/B/C & High Maturity Lead Appraiser for CMMI-DEV/ACQ/SVC, Instructor for “Intro to CMMI-DEV/ACQ/SVC. Performed over 30 CMM assessments as well as CMMI and SCAMPI Class A, B and C appraisals. Experienced in multi-cultural environments and has worked in North America, Europe and Asia. Experienced instructor and facilitator. Hands-on experience in several key areas such as Requirements Development and Management, Quality Assurance, Project Management and Configuration Management. Conversant with other improvement models such as SPICE, P-CMM, SA-CMM, and the FAA’s iCMM.