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Team With ISD To Make Process Improvement A Reality!

Businesses today are faced with a myriad of responsibilities. Today’s businesses must contend with meeting the needs of their clients and remaining competitive in a crowded marketplace, all the while adhering to ever-changing regulatory requirements. In order to succeed at meeting all of these pressing business needs, organizations must develop a systematic approach to process definition, adherence to protocol, and ongoing process improvement.

Meeting these needs is no easy task; finding the balance between regulation and performance is precisely where a number of businesses fail. Often, companies are left wondering where to start and where to place the highest priority. However, this is not a road that businesses need to go alone. Comprehensive process improvement is precisely what Integrated System Diagnostics, Incorporated was formed to do.

The goal of Integrated Systems Diagnostics, or ISD, is to lead businesses through the development of a low-risk, efficient course for process improvement. We are a consulting company based in the U.S., working multinationally; we work less as an instructor and more as a facilitator, working in true partnership with our clients to realize their process improvement goals in a way that is sustainable and long-lasting. We give our clients not only the assistance needed to formulate the most efficient, effective, and compliant process improvement plan, but also the empowerment they need to fuel processes now and in the future. As experts in the field of CMMI, the staff of ISD is fully prepared to meet or exceed your needs.

What ISD Can Do For You

ISD employs a wide range of highly experienced consultants and trainers, all with unparalleled skill in the area of CMMI consulting. Members of our highly qualified staff played a key role as contributors to the development of the original CMMI and SCAMPI versions.

ISD staff and consultants remain committed to our field, and are always attuned to the most recent challenges and updates to CMMI, including the most recent advancements in the CMMI v1.3. We construct our expertise and knowledge into customized programs that we bring to each company, and offer services which include:

  • CMMI training (as stated, including updated CMMI v1.3 training)
  • Seminars for staff and management
  • CMMI consulting
  • SCAMPI appraisal

Regardless of need, ISD has the personnel and informational resources to construct a complete and tailored product for each client. Our CMMI expertise is augmented by our extensive library of process assets, which allows us to deliver these cost-effective, customer-tailored services.

Our CMMI training, CMMI consulting, and CMMI appraisals enable our clients to establish the infrastructure they need to optimize processes, accomplish goals, and move forward independently. ISD’s industry-leading software, Appraisal Wizard, multiplies your returns on your process-improvement investments and make your entire process development more tractable, consistent, and readily reusable.

Regardless of location, ISD clients-domestic US clients, international, and multinational-strongly attest to the value of our services. We are their first and only choice. Join the ranks of the successful organizations that have partnered with us, and team with ISD to move you forward in achieving your business objectives with our range of model-based process improvement services and products.